Click on the links below to download the presentations from Mobility in the 21st century: A road to nowhere, a highway to hell or a stairway to heaven?


Agenda – 19 September 2016

Introduction (Silvia Gaggi, ISINNOVA) 

Part 1 – MIND-SETS: Understanding mobility

A new human-centred approach (Laurie Pickup, VECTOS)

Mobility innovation and the growth agenda (Herman Konings, POCKET MARKETING)

Changing planning practices for future mobility (Laurent Franckx, VITO)

Expert validation – four key themes for future mobility (Andreu Ulied, MCRIT)

Part 2 – MIND-SETS: Intelligence to assist a better mobility

What’s next? The forward plan for project exploitation (Lucia Cristea and Radu Gaspar, EIP)


Mobility products and services (Herman Konigs, POCKET MARKETING)

Future research (Laurent Franckx, VITO)