MIND-SETS bulletins - post-mobilityWetopia, Flatage Mobility, Post-Mobility – what are the emerging trends that will characterise the future of mobility? That is what MIND-SETS seeks to answer with a series of soon-to-be released articles that talk about key concepts in today’s new mobility. These are not limited to types of products and services, such as automated vehicles or ride sourcing, but include shifts in how mobility and spaces are conceived. For example, Wetopia refers to the collaborative attitude of millennials and how this will affect the uptake of various mobility-related products and services. Flatage Mobility presents the idea that once people reach sixty years old, they “age out” of aging, remaining sixty, active, but with more disposable income. Understanding the nuances of this self-image is key for those who design and market products and services for them. Post-Mobility highlights a number of innovative, mobility-related experiments across Europe. These initiatives feature unexpected combinations of services, such as psychotherapy and taxi rides, and in doing so, turn the old idea of simply getting from point A to B on its head. The bulletins are designed not just to inform policy makers and transport product and service providers, but to inspire them.

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