Photo: Sebastien Lebrigand

What do the experts say about how we can better understand mobility behaviour? The new MIND-SETS Knowledge Centre (MSKC) will feature editorials from key thinkers in a variety of mobility-related disciplines. Ten editorials are being prepared for the launch of the MSKC, with a continuing programme to be updated every six months. These experienced professionals, many with over 40 years experience in their fields, will offer their thoughts on past approaches and thinking, and where our understanding needs to go in the future.

Some of our key experts are:

  • Angelo Meulemann (B) – Expert and practitioner in shared mobility cultures;
  • John Porter (IRE) – Personal construct psychologist who has developed this concept in mobility;
  • Matthew Lesh (USA) – Director of a new mobility company in automation and social innovation;
  • Laurent Franckx – Behavioural economist working within regional government;
  • Richard Harris – ITS specialist working in the private sector for over 40 years;
  • Andrew Nash – specialist in behaviour change through gamification.

The aim of these editorials is to start a dialogue among the users of the MSKC that will encompass a wide range of perspectives. This multi-disciplinary conversation will lead to a deeper understanding of how the many facets of mobility thinking interact, informing and transforming each other. Because you can’t really know where you are going if you don’t understand where you’ve been. You will have the opportunity to react to the editorials and develop discussions on mobility behaviour issues, and to suggest editorials yourself, perhaps highlighting your own contribution to the field. The MSKC will expose you to a wide range of disciplines, including those outside the conventional ones in the transport field, bringing what many have called a ‘breath of fresh air’ into the mobility sector.

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