The fourth MIND-SETS newsletter has now been released. In it, we cordially invite you to the MIND-SETS final conference, to be held jointly with Mobility4EU. We then offer a preview of the radar chart, one of the tools that will be available on the MIND-SETS Knowledge Centre (MSKC). The radar chart visually maps the likely attitudes of various generations towards different mobility policies, products and services. In other news, the preliminary results of the project have been presented to the various target groups over the last couple of months and we have briefly summarised these results. Next, we provide an overview and example of the 170 MIND-SETS insights, which will give users a more in-depth understanding of new mobility products, services and trends. These insights, which derive from the wealth of material coordinated in the project, will be available on the MSKC. Finally, you will get a glimpse of the MIND-SETS editorials, another important tool available on the MSKC. The editorials will give decision-makers an overview of mobility with a multi-disciplinary perspective, encompassing economic, behavioural, psychological and generational factors.

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