MIND-SETS_D2-1a_Final-1MIND-SETS has just released its first two deliverables, divided into four publications. The first deliverable (D2.1) offers a multidisciplinary overview of the new mobility, highlighting behavioural economics; psychological and sociological factors; the influence of ICTs and generational distinctions. It consists of a main document outlining the MIND-SETS perspective, A New Vision on European Mobility, and two annexes offering a more in-depth exploration of these ideas, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Mobility and A Generational Perspective on Mobility. The second deliverable (D2.2),  Professional Mindsets Regarding Mobility Behaviour, details the perspective of decision-makers and practitioners working within the field of transport. These reports are the basis of the MIND-SETS concept and provide the groundwork for the MIND-SETS approach.