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Newsletter No. 4
May 2017

Welcome to the fourth issue of the MIND-SETS newsletter, your bi-annual look inside the minds, motives and preferences of transport users in Europe. In this issue, we cordially invite you to the MIND-SETS final conference, to be held jointly with Mobility4EU. We then offer a preview of the radar chart, one of the tools that will be available on the MIND-SETS Knowledge Centre (MSKC). The radar chart visually maps the likely attitudes of various generations towards different mobility policies, products and services. In other news, the preliminary results of the project have been presented to the various target groups over the last couple of months and we have briefly summarised these results. Next, we provide an overview and example of the 170 MIND-SETS insights, which will give users a more in-depth understanding of new mobility products, services and trends. These insights, which derive from the wealth of material coordinated in the project, will be available on the MSKC. Finally, you will get a glimpse of the MIND-SETS editorials, another important tool available on the MSKC. The editorials will give decision-makers an overview of mobility with a multi-disciplinary perspective, encompassing economic, behavioural, psychological and generational factors.

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In this issue:

- The MIND-SETS final conference: Towards user-centric transport in Europe 

- The radar chart: Mapping generational attitudes towards mobility

- Dissemination update: Preliminary results presented to target groups 

- The MIND-SETS insights: Towards a deeper understanding of mobility trends
- The MIND-SETS editorials: Expert reflections on mobility


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The MIND-SETS final conference:
Towards user-centric transport in Europe

The MIND-SETS final conference will be held jointly with Mobility4EU to address challenges, solutions and collaborations to create more user-centric mobility in Europe. The event will be held in Brussels on May 22-23, 2017 at Bouche à Oreille, Rue Félix Hap, 11, 1040 Brussels.
Keynote speakers at the event will provide the impetus for a discussion with a selection of ongoing European projects that are looking into future transport and mobility needs and solutions in Europe. Together with the conference participants, they will create a new prism through which to understand European transport.

The radar chart : Mapping generational attitudes towards mobility

How a product or service is received, and its potential success, depends very much on how well the product matches its target market’s attitudes, values, and habits. If we can better understand how these change between generations, we can begin to predict how different generations might react to various policies, products and services. The MIND-SETS radar chart is an interactive tool that maps generational attitudes and behaviours, along with products and services, in order to see where they align, and where they don’t.

Dissemination update: Preliminary results presented to target groups 

Professor Laurie Pickup and Alexandra Kershaw of Vectos South Ltd, Silvia Gaggi of ISINNOVA, and Radu Gaspar of EIP have been busy spreading the word about the MIND-SETS project. Laurie recently presented the upcoming results of the project to the European Commission in Brussels and to city authorities and policy makers at the European Mobility Week, while Alexandra and Silvia spoke before a number of academics and researchers in Bolzano, at the EURAC conference.

The insights: Towards a deeper understanding of mobility trends

The MIND-SETS insights are an invaluable tool for gaining a fuller understanding of current trends and how these will affect mobility in the future. On topics ranging from Green Mobility to Big Data, the insights provide a general overview of the situation and some key points, followed by a more in-depth analysis and suggestions for further reading.  

The MIND-SETS editorials: Expert reflections on mobility

What do the experts say about how we can better understand mobility behaviour? The new MIND-SETS Knowledge Centre (MSKC) will feature editorials from key thinkers in a variety of mobility-related disciplines. Ten editorials are being prepared for the launch of the MSKC, with a continuing programme to be updated every six months. These experienced professionals, many with over 40 years experience in their fields, will offer their thoughts on past approaches and thinking, and where our understanding needs to go in the future.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 640401.